ECAIF: Addressing supply chain management

21 November 2019

ECAIF’s Competitiveness Improvement Programme focuses on driving world-class manufacturing and supply chain management best practice. Fluctuating demand from customers makes supply chain management and inventory planning challenging for automotive suppliers. In periods of demand volatility, firms run the risk of keeping high levels of inventory or having insufficient inventory to meet their customer demands.

Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP) is a strategic planning tool that incorporates lean principles and best practice in supply chain management to effectively navigate periods of demand uncertainty.

Members were invited to join the ECAIF as we unpacked DDMRP with a leading subject-matter expert and shared case studies from firms that are successfully managing their inventory and stock holdings in times of fluctuating demand and uncertainty.

Agenda included:

  • ECAIF Competitiveness Improvement Report

  • Implementing demand-driven materials requirement planning for effective supply chain management
  • Inventory management in times of fluctuating demand and uncertainty: firm case study, peer learning and workshop



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